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How to increase Instagram followers?

Instagram becomes the best social media platform where you can promote your brands and business and you can reach your goal. It gives you a social presence where you drive profitable traffic to landing pages and grow conversation to engage and build the audience you want to target. If your Instagram pages haven’t grown as you expected, it might be the turn to learn how to increase engagement and sharpen your strategies for getting real and organic followers on your Instagram page. The larger your channel or page grows the more people attract to your page and it gives you the opportunity to promote your brands. You have to engage with the users and create unique content for their great experience on your page. There are lots of websites where you can pay for likes and followers.


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Start building your page on the right way using these tips on getting more engagement on Instagram.


  1. Optimize your bio


Make the most like 100 to 150 words because your bio tells your story to followers who you are, what you care about, and what action you take after people visit your Instagram profile.

Your Instagram profile should include-

  • A complete description of you and what you do.
  • Put your brands or business details.
  • Put a CTA (call to action like read more, shop, contact us, etc.)
  • And a link to your business website.

You’re in bio link is the only clickable link on Instagram, so use you have to use it wisely. Some business includes a standard website link on their profile, and others change it to reflect recent posts.


  1. Schedule your best time for posting on Instagram-


Notice that we didn’t say that the best time for posting on Instagram because there is no best time for posting on the Instagram profile this is a universal truth but there is a way to find out what is the ideal time of posting for your followers.

Use Instagram Insights to check when and at which time your followers come online to see your profile. Go to your Instagram business profile tap on “Insights” scroll down to “Your Audience” and then tap “See all” from there. Here you can find the most active time of your followers.


  1. Post Consistently-


A study says that in 2021, 14 industries show that businesses need to share 4 Instagram posts per week on average. Brands and industries that post on his page regularly tend to see the best results. And some study says that those profiles post daily on his pages gain more followers daily than who post less frequently.


  1. How the Instagram algorithm works-


Most people panicked about how the Instagram algorithm works but there you have to learn how you take advantage of the Instagram algorithm. However, since the change average post is seen by 50% more followers than before. So forget how to beat only learn how to take advantage. There are six factors that define what is shown in each person’s timeline-

  • Interest– How much does Instagram think about a person who will follow the page on previous activity.
  • Timelines– How the current post is.
  • Relationship– every day count the person engages with on a regular basis.
  • Frequency– How a person uses his Instagram on daily basis.
  • Following– accounts a person follows.
  • Usage– How much a person uses Instagram.

The Instagram algorithm is aimed to surface the best quality content of each individual user. If you worry about these six factors so make sure you have to post unique quality content to your pages consistently.


  1. Always try experiments on your content types-


Instagram is not about only photos because the Instagram application shares many ways to introduce your content on the platform. Mixing with the different content types is one of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram because it gives you a wider platform to connect with people. Each content types give you advantages. Instagram reels are the newest content type and Instagram always pushes new features. Since introducing Instagram reels in 2020, the Instagram app moved his reels button to the center and make his explore page larger than photos posts. Over 200 million people explore Instagram reels every day. IGTV Instagram tv is 4X larger than the photos. IGTV is a video content sharing tool where you can share long-form of videos.


  1. Write great Captions-


Captions give you chance to provide more context or details about the content you’re sharing on Instagram. Plus, using keywords in captions can help you appear on search results. Instagram captions can be up to 2200 characters in your post. Here you play around with different lengths. Some content with short, quippy captions with a couple of emoji’s while others might be more benefit from longer and reflective.


  1. Use hashtags-


The right hashtags can expose your content to a large and targeted audience. Find the right hashtags that would appeal to your target audience. Free Instagram tools help you find relevant hashtags for your content. To gain more followers hashtags are essentials. Using hashtags can make your content discoverable whenever people click on the related hashtags.


  1. Engage with your followers-


The most important thing in any platform is engaging with other people. Many brands make mistakes they only focus on likes and comments without considering the people behind these metrics. If you really want to increase followers on Instagram, you have to engage with them in a conversation.


  1. Analyze your results-


For analyzing the result Instagram gives you an option for checking on the current response from followers. You can monitor several Instagram metrics on Instagram insights. Watch the trends and post the content on the trend and check how your followers respond to them. 

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