Blog 102

Where are your Customers? Answer it, you have won half battle

Your Customers are on Social media. You also need to be on social media. You get business once your customers know what you are selling. It’s bad idea to be selling rain coat in dessert. 

Your customers are on social media 2.8 billion people worldwide are social media users. That’s 37% of the world’s population!1 In America, almost 70% of the population uses social media. Social media has become a standard way of life, as evidenced in the 22% increase in usage within the past year. This is more than a simple media consumption habit. A typical Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram user
is actively engaged with their social network multiple times daily, which is promising for brands who are active on social media platforms.

A typical user spends more than 4 hrs day on social media sites. To be able to reach to this engaging swarm of user, it becomes challenge full as every business wants to capture that attention span and battle for small businesses is lost before it succeds. Solution to this problem is advertisement but initially that costs lot and does not goes good with small businesses. What if I say “Reach out to customers, free of cost?” Yes you can now easily get your social profile threshold traffic with free likes, comments and followers on facebook, twitter, blogs, youtube and more. Simply sign up on speeupsmm and add your facebook pages, website, twitter profiles,  youtube channel as task on website and you will start getting hits on your social profiles. 

Click on your channel icon and add task and traffic comes pouring down

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