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You like theirs content & they like yours, simple!

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Facebook Reseller Panel

Buy Follows, Likes, Comments and Shares

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YouTube Reseller Panel

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Twitter Reseller Panel

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Tiktok Reseller Panel

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You can now get views on your Youtube video and let genuine people like your video, comment on it and subscribe to channel

Unlimited Free Likes Supported

Unlimited Free Comments Supported

Get Unlimited Video Views

Get Unlimited Subscribers

Get Paid for Life, 1000 points is $1

Earn points on simple task, like, commment, watch YouTube videos and subscribe to channels and earn points. Spend points on traffic or convert to dollars.

Earn Points on Likes, Comments, Subscrbies

Earn upto 10000 points on referral

Earn Points on browsing, bonus points

Convert Points to dollars $$, withdrawal starts from $4

Features that
you will love

Get Started with free 100 points

Start with 100 points and add your youtube video for likes, comments, subscribes, etc.,

Buy Points

In case your points gets consumed soon, ou don’t need to worry. Simply request for more points and you are good to go.

Convert Points and earn money

Here for extra money? Spend time to like, view, comments, and subscribe to youtube videos and earn points. 

How it works?

Sign up and get 100 free points

Signup with Google and you are awarded 100 points worth $0.1

Earn unlimited Points and convert to $

You can earn points on watching YouTube Videos, liking, commenting, subscribing.

Get traffic & engagement on video

Use your points to add your video tasks for community to get likes, views and more

Buy more points or withdraw points

Simply place request for points buying or withdrawal on app and get paid in your currency

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Very much satisfied works wonders for us.
“We searched extensively for a SMM platform that could bring genuine traffic to our website, and was uniquely able to do so. SpeedupSMM has a strong track record of using innovative technologies that help deliver a materially better experience and outcomes for our marketing division”

B. Lorrentz

Marketing Operations Manager

Common Questions

Our Support is not limited to FAQ’s, hit chat button below and get answered for questions for not covered in FAQ’s

1000 Points = 1$

Points Analytics

Buy & Withdraw Points

Add Social Media Tasks

It’s very easy to earn points. You need to sign up with Google or Email on website and click on earn points under YouTube, Twitter and other social channels. You will get points on each task completion.

Also, you can earn 1000 points on each successful referral. 

To withdraw your SML points as cash. You need to click on withdraw points on top navigation and place withdrawal request. You will be contacted on email for payment processing. We support Paypal, UPI, Paytm and bank transfer for certain countries. 

Youtube likes, comments, views and subscribes are out of box features. You need to click on Add videos under YouTube on top navigation and add your youtube video and allocate points which you are ready to pay for each likes. Note: Minimum 10 points should allocated for each task

It’s easy, simply add your twitter profile as task under Twitter navigation on top and you will be surprised with many followers within minutes.

Oops, this happens. Your tasks will be running till you have more than 10 points in your wallet. You need to purchase more points. Simply navigate to buy points section and buy points. Once balance reaches more than 10 your tasks will be resumed for more engagement.

Simply click on chat widget on bottom right corner and share your concerns with us, our team will respond within 5 min.

Your tasks once added are live and you will get traffic right away and task will be live till your SML points are more than 10. 


You can also deactivate individual tasks if your goal is reached for a task.

We support any website and can bring many visitors to your website. Just add task as website and you are good to go.

Refer and earn upto 10000 points. Share with your friends your unique referral link and they get 200 points gift and you get 500 points once they complete atleast 10 task.

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